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    Default Preston/Fylde area coarse fishing

    Hi everyone,

    Planning to relocate to the area, possibly Lytham, within a few years.

    Looking for a club that offers a mix of waters, ideally the Ribble, as I like a bit of barbel fishing, plus some still waters for general coarse fishing and maybe some matches.

    Know that Prince Albert and RADAC seem to fit the bill, but do any locals have any thoughts on alternatives and pros and cons for those clubs mentioned?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Preston/Fylde area coarse fishing

    The two clubs yo
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    Default Re: Preston/Fylde area coarse fishing

    The two clubs you mentioned are your best bet for the the Ribble. Albert also has a couple of nice stillwaters not too far away, one in Leyland and one in withnell. They also have a fly lake in Garstang which is good if you do a bit of trout fishing too.

    Warrington anglers is a quite a good card if you are wanting stillwaters around the North west, and they also have a stretch on the Ribble.

    If you like your rivers, St michaels AA has some lovely little stretches on the wyre, as do warrington anglers. There are no barbel, but there are some very nice pike, perch and chub to be had. Got a nice wild feel to the wyre too in summer.

    I am from the Blackpool area and there isn't really all the much quality fishing within half an hours drive unfortunately, so it depends on what you class local.

    Not in RADAC (although I plan on joining) so I can't offer any insight there, but I would say PAAS offers excellent value for money. The only downside is that waters can get very busy on weekends due to there now being something like 8000 members in the club.

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    Default Re: Preston/Fylde area coarse fishing

    Probably worth ringing the RADAC waters Secretary up and see what the length of the waiting list is nowadays.
    They have a website with the information you need, it’s a good club I’ve been a member for a good few years now, plenty of varied fishing to go at.

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    Default Re: Preston/Fylde area coarse fishing

    Cheers guys, appreciated.

    We may well end up in Blackpool too, as we have family there.

    Another forum suggested Southport AA and having had a look at their website it sounds like a great selection of waters for me. Any members on here or anyone have any insight?

    Thanks again guys.

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    Default Re: Preston/Fylde area coarse fishing

    Hi Steve
    I'm a long time RADAC member and I also live in Lytham. There isn't much coarse fishing in the immediate Lytham area so RADAC is a good bet. Small correction to what somebody said above, you need to contact the membership secretary (see their website). I was on the RADAC committee up to 3 years ago and the waiting list was then 3/4 years but it may have shortened/lengthened since.

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    Default Re: Preston/Fylde area coarse fishing

    Cheers Fred! We might end up as close neighbours then

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