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    Default Re: Stick floats on winders

    Quote Originally Posted by Richox12 View Post
    Why make it with 9ft of line ??If the depth is 6ft why even make it with 6ft of line ? If you fish with a bulk (shot/olivette) which doesn't move (very much) then all you need is a couple of foot of line with the bulk & droppers on. Then the mainline is attached and float is up on the mainline.

    Strung rigs, of course, need longer lines but even then the float is always on the mainline.
    For a start I said “you generally set depth for 6ft” so, rivers being rivers, they can rise and that’s often when the best trotting is done so 9ft covers different levels and the depths of different pools. The olivette is there to save the line damage that may be caused by up to a dozen BBs. It works for me, it may not be for you, that’s the beauty of fishing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whitty View Post
    I expect Whitty will be along to tell me he'd have caught 23 in 22 runs through.
    Fcs,really...thats me done,gfy....[/QUOTE]

    gfy? Is that "good for you"? Sorry Alan - it was only a joke.

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