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  1. Default nitinol pole floats

    Hello everybody.
    Now they have been out a while what are peoples views on the nitinol stemmed pole floats.
    Thank you.

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    Default Re: nitinol pole floats

    If you are worried about straightness they are better than steel. Otherwise I look for body shape, capacity, size, stem weight (regardless of material). Oh and interchangeable tips are a massive help.

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    Default Re: nitinol pole floats

    no real advantage have made some pole and wire stem stick floats with it when it first was for sale on ebay about a year or more ago how often does the wire bend on a pole float and if it does you can pretty much get it back straight I just use my shot pliers I carry two pairs to get it back straight I don't think there is much advantage from stainless steel wire inmo

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