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Thread: Worms

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    I can keep lobworms for at least a month in a covered bucket full of soil.
    Put some grass and old leaves on top of the soil or a piece of turf. The lid has small ventilation holes and i put it somewhere outside but under cover.
    About a day before you want some, put them in some shredded newspaper in a bait box to toughen up.

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    I too find them difficult to keep. They need looking after, feeding and re-filling their medium. I brought a full set up complete with bucket and food. Had them now about 3 months? Must go look at them this weekend, garage floor.


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    This summer my wife started a compost bin in the garden. After all the scrap started to break down i put a Kg of Dendrobaena in the bin. The bin (210lts) is now half full and doing well. What the wife can't understand is how and why there seem to be loads of worm in there. A turn over of the mulch it seems like i have hundreds and hundreds of the slimy things. Anything from a 5mm to 60mm. It surprised me how much heat the mulch gives off.

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