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    Default Re: Small pond covered in surface weed

    Quote Originally Posted by seth49 View Post
    Where I fish we get a lot of fluff, seeds etc of the willow trees, I discovered a couple of years ago, that a egg cup full of hemp oil, poured on the water, opened up a big clear area to fish in.

    It’s marvellous to see, it clears it like magic, the oil spreads on the surface and takes all the fluff etc away.

    Can be bought at Tesco’s as good oil, about six pounds for half a litre.
    Brilliant stuff that good oil Seth, i use it on a commercial that does'nt allow hemp to be used,
    i mix it with a small amount of cereal, Roach and Tench love it.

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    Default Re: Small pond covered in surface weed

    Terrapins prefer to eat weed. Judging from my local pond they are terrible at catching healthy fish.

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