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    Wetthrough, re your post "shots near the float" - I suggest you keep the cocking shots near the small float so that the line between the float and the ssg shot is kept straight with no angle - this gives immediate bite registration to the float. Use as small a float as possible to lessen inertia as much as possible - bearing in mind wind and surface currents. Put the rod in two rests and sink the rod tip.

    In deep water (10ft plus) I usually use a homemade long light slider which nearly cocks with only one BB shot set about 5ft from the ssg shot as this makes casting easier and then the float slides up to a stop knot. At the start of fishing in deep water I unclip the ssg shot and clip on a small bait dropper to get all the bait on the bottom before I actually start fishing.

    Float legering really is a very sensitive method. It is also very good for fishing in holes in weed because casting is so accurate and it it easy to sink the reel line without moving the baited hook.

    The only problem with this method is that because it is so sensitive it is difficult to see a bite develop because the float just sails away!

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    Default Re: Floats for shy biting fish.

    Really enjoying this thread , it's got me thinking

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