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    Default Tony Robinson "The Thames"

    Watched an episode of this and roach were leaping clear of the water after flies. Small white flies, hundreds of them; not sure what they were but interesting, never seen roach do that before.
    I am not sure when this was filmed, maybe last summer, he has walked about 150 miles of it so far but I don't think I have seen one angler, unless it was the close season of course. Its a good program but I can never get Baldrick out of my mind when I watch him being serious.

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    Default Re: Tony Robinson "The Thames"

    I watched that too,I believe the flies were the trout anglers curse,caenis I believe(not sure I've spelt it right),I've certainly never seen the fish rising like that on the Thames,ever...

    All I can think of watching him is 'slack bladder,slack bladder',sorry...

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    Default Re: Tony Robinson "The Thames"

    Quite an enjoyable series - a bit like Mainstream but without the fishing and the bike..................
    That's about as big as a fish that big gets
    If you understand what you’re doing, you’re not learning anything................

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    Default Re: Tony Robinson "The Thames"

    I saw the first episode where they stocked barbel and chub into the upper Thames in a stretch more suited to the latter. The chats with the enthusiastic lock keeper in the second one was interesting

    Thought the fish topping for flies were dace but could have seen that wrong, either way it was impressive footage, they must have been early morning or late evening to get them shots in a river which comes alive when the boats aren't there. Most of the footage looked like early spring most of it judging by the trees this would explain no anglers and not much boat traffic

    Seeing the calories those rowers eat is an eye opener, perhaps us lot should go for two breakfasts when we are doing some serious roving

    Thought it was poor editing when a Red Kite was misidentified as a Buzzard though
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