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Thread: Big Bream hunt

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    I'm on the hunt to smash my Bream PB (just under 6lb) and want to get in to double figures by specifically targeting them which is something Ibhave never specifically done. I have a water near by with the right fish so im just researching the application of tactics to bank them.

    It's here I realise that it's seems pretty much universally accepted that fishing at medium up to long distance with a medium up to heavy feeder rod is the way to go, pretty much to the exclusion of any other tactic.

    Are other tactics really not worth a look in?

    Sliding float? Leger Float?

    Thoughts and ideas appreciated before I go out with my Medium feeder rod only to convince myself I need a heavy feeder rod.... Unless that really is what I need!?!?

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    I wouldn't bother with floats or float leger (tangles) stick to a cage feeder. Which rod depends on how far you need to chuck a fairly heavy feeder.
    My chosen method would be a 25/30gr cage feeder and for starters a 3' Hooklink.
    To start I'd just attach a running feeder above a stop.
    Groundbait would be a fairly sticky mix to make sure it gets down, not coming out on impact with the water.
    I'd spend 15 minutes casting out gb mixed with casters and chopped worm, about 30 feederfuls out on the clip to ensure you concentrate the bait in one area. A spomb would be quicker....
    Bream can't resist a worm on the hook I find, size 14 Qm1 is my favoured hook for this.
    Bites can be anything from a rip round on the tip to a tiny judder, hit every one. If your worm comes off or is sucked, shorten the Hooklink by a foot until you start connecting with the bites.

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    My best have all been on float, but that's because I prefer to use a float if at all possible. Any decent float rod should do, the only thing limiting length being overhanging trees around your pitch.
    Medium feeder should cover 90% of bream legering except for over-the-horizon casts at big pits.
    Snag-pulling power should't really be an issue, a bream's idea of cover is 20 yards of open water in all directions and a hundred mates on the lookout.

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    The distance you need to fish at will be dependent on the water you’re fishing, if you need to chuck 60yds plus you’ll need more than a medium feeder but it’ll do the job at 40yds. That should be far enough out on most waters, some people are happy to fish at 60yds + but I don’t like the lack of control and accuracy, and when you’re putting a lot of bait out it’s knackering at that distance. I’d rather fish comfortably and confidently at 40-50 yds, but that’s me.

    If there’s a large head of big bream in the lake/reservoir don’t be afraid to put a lot of bait in, on some waters you can’t put too much in. As above, it’s easier with a spomb but you’ll probably need a rod that’s up to the job, and make sure you use a shock leader to prevent crack offs. I use a casting finger protector because I use braid and without one I’d probably lose part of a finger

    I use a normal feeder rod which deals fine with the larger bream who do put up a very good fight on a reservoir I fish on.

    I used to use a helicopter rig with a short 8lb flouro hooklength to a size 10 QM1 hook with a cage feeder but recently ditched the feeder and just fish the same rig with a lead which helps with accuracy and casting especially when fishing into a wind. I figure there’s so much bait out there already a small feeders worth won’t make much difference. I can put in 5kg of groundbait pellets and dead maggots before I start, sometimes more.

    Dead red maggots are my favorite bait, worms, corn, pellets, small boilies if it’s a carp lake all work

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    There's plenty of Bream in there up to 16+, but the water is predominantly a big Carp water so I am wondering how best to target the Bream in the most direct way. Though I understand the current t record fell to Carp tactics.

    I have Spod and Marker gear so am sorted on that side

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