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    As there has been quite a bit of "float talk" on the forum of late I thought I would mention that I was browsing round an odds and ends shop a couple of days ago and spied a cardboard box full of floats ...there was Milo, Middy, Drennan including some quite unusual patterns and some real whoppers in there such as Bolo sliders up to 25g. They were selling them for @35p each so I thought it would be rude not to clear them out !

    Below is just some of them, The float in the top right is a standard size Avon + a 20p for scale. I think I ended up with something like 80 floats. Now I need to find an excuse to use them.

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    I hope you have a pole.

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    I do although some of the sliders look spot on for trotting in really deep water.

    The lines between the various patterns such as Avon, bolo and so on are becoming more and more blurred and I get the impression more and more people are switching over to what I would call a bolo or pole float for trotting nowadays. But what the heck...I liked em so I snapped em up :-)

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    I was reading Richards Walker book the other day and he said he glued two floats together when he wanted a heavier float for something he was after. A different age back then.

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    I use pole floats all the time on rod and line, really good for close in on the drop work, you'll hit much more than on a waggler. They'll ride up a bit on a boily river though lol

    30p ea is a total steal you could flog the lot for three times that easy

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    Car boot or vide grenier?

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