Basically a "whip" is telescopic throughout, although some of the more expensive longer whips are tele' for the first 3 sections ad take apart for the rest.

One of the whips I have is a Milo Luxury whip that is 8m and at 325g is an excellent piece of kit. as such it can be fished from about 2½m and by adding sections up to the full 8m.

The other major difference is that, typically, a whip is never elasticated and had a thin spaghetti tip, although when we used to fish those large Scandinavian matches then the top section was cut back and a length of power gum fitted to assist wth larger fish.

I have whips from 1½m ip to 10m in length, and up to 8m I use Milo Alborella and over that Atom whips that are very much sturdier for larger fish.

Hope this helps . . . .