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    Default MAP Competition 201 13m Pole

    Anyone got one or got any experience of one? Someone in my local tackle shop has one for sale, think they were RRP £500 new around 2015 and were considered light (then). I can have a waggle of it but I’d also like a first hand opinion from a fellow angler to assist assessment.

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    Default Re: MAP Competition 201 13m Pole

    Well not that close I had a TKS40 fro years and just moved on the a TKS501 as I felt I might need the length not that I used it yet !

    The 501 is so much better the the 40 lighter stiffer and the pre bushed top kits with side pullers fitted are great there no2

    the 201 will have the cheaper / heaver no1 top kits but it will be good I am sure

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