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Thread: Thank you!

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    Default Thank you!

    Hi guys,

    I wanted to thank Stillwater, John k, John s., Peter, Whitty who took the time to advise me on how to improve my feeder rigs and bait choices. This proved to be sooo helpful.

    Over the last weeks I've remained silent for one very strong reason: fishing!!!!!

    I've followed the advice (or I think so?) and really, that's been so helfpul.

    So I did acquire halibut soft pellets, corn, worms / casters (although it's tough to find worms in the centre of Brussels!!), I did try new rigs instead of keeping with inline/methods.

    I've been fishing in a new, very nice, place on the river Meuse near Dinant. Reaching the Meuse is a horrible challenge from Brussels, the traffic is a nightmare. Sometimes a 2 hour driving after work. But, feeder fishing always wins!

    Here's a pic from google:

    The rig I've ended using now is very simple, it's the loop rig on which I set a cage feeder which has a rigid stem. I find it easy, affordable, reliable, adjustable.

    Several times I've had to use a 4 feet hooklength to start getting bites. Something that would be difficult with an method feeder!

    Most of the time (is it only in summer?), action starts near the end of the day. On 3 occasions, fishing became absolutely intense, come on how many fish does this river have??

    I've had consistently bigger bream plus a few barbel. Barbel is sooo powerful, unfortunately the hooklength broke several times.

    Thanks again for helping.

    I must delay the pictures as I haven't managed to copy them.


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    Default Re: Thank you!

    Adding last week's pictures.

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