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    Default Redbournebury fisheries or Oakfield Kinhswood ?

    Looking for some variety, ie tench, carp, chub etc

    Both local to me....

    Fished Ash lake at Alders Farm last week and got bored senseless pulling the same looking fish out every ten seconds....

    Fave place so far is park farm Moat if Im honest...

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    Default Re: Redbournebury fisheries or Oakfield Kinhswood ?

    I've fished both,Oakfield,not for a fair few years,variety wise Redbournebury is better,I've had lots of chub,skimmers,nice roach,smallish tench and the inevitable carp,it's a nice fishery,but I had a few issues,firstly the long narrow road leading to it,then driving through the side of the ford,it's difficult to gauge the depth of water,then the fishery gate,which is often shut(though not locked at times)and it's not easy to see the latch mechanism and lastly if it's wet the drive in after the gate can be very muddy,ring John the bailiff,who is a really nice guy and very helpful. Oh and one last thing,it's closed every other Saturday for clay pigeon shooting....

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    Default Re: Redbournebury fisheries or Oakfield Kinhswood ?

    Thanks dude.....sadly a shoot weekend this w/e...

    Lokks like I'll be back at the moat then....

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