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    When I started fishing it was in ponds ,then at about 11 a local club-growing up learning and joining in-and the thrill of winning the odd match with `grown ups`Then up to Yorkshire,chasing chub,barbel,grayling-all on a couple of books

    The years passed and even when we moved here I did a bit-waters were still on club books.

    Now-as we drive around thinking where I might drop my rod and just enjoy a few hours with or without my wife it`s all syndicates and carp carp and catfish at fees only banker`s can afford.

    A bit OTT I agree but things sure have changed

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    You can be sure there are a few like minded souls on here that still go fishing (or have reverted back to) just for the fun of it. To my mind,a few snatched hours here and there are infinitely more pleasurable than parking up in one spot for several days.

    Less is more is probably never more apt....!
    Still not sure what's going on

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    I know not where you live now Stephan but up here in the North we can still have a wonderful time fishing for all manner of species on club books that have huge amounts of waters to play on and often at very reasonable cost

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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay (ACA) Guest


    That's absolutely true Stephan. The north is the place to be for low cost mixed river and still water fishing at a bargain price.

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    Ahem!!! We have our fair share of wonderful rivers and still waters on club tickets darn sarf too! [img]/forum/smilies/wink_smiley.gif[/img]
    The most important bit of kit never to forget - a disgorger.

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    Darn Sarf is still full of opportunities for good value fishing.

    Living in Windsor I am a club member with wonderful access to the River Thames and over 7 lakes - ranging from old country ponds to good sized carp lakes.

    I was also a golfer.

    Let's do a comparison on cost:

    Golf was £1500 sign on and £1200 per year to play.

    Fishing is currently £170 a year and one weekend of my labour.

    When I told the wife I was going to spend more time on fishing and give up golf competitively she gave me her blessing in a flash!

    Fishing is my passion and who can't afford £170 a year for access to good fishing!??

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    I in South London and shore fishing is dearer in the south east but still good value for money I belong to a club with a nice lake not huge but 30 swims bit too dominated by carp but you can stil have a great few houres ccatching roach and the odd gudgen all for £45 a yearand a days work

    I am also am a member of a "commercial fishery" £190 a year for 4 lakes all different in carector secour, toilets and staff to keep it tidy not so cheap but in it owne waay still value for money

    My brother plays golf thousands of pounds a year plus green fees He says my fishing is cheap and I agree !

    If I wasn't so good at losing braking tackle and like to have a chise of where to go I could fish once or twice a week on £500 a year all in! I dearn't add up what I actually spend but it way the best cure for abusy stressfull week at work

    I just wish all anglers would respect each others methods and targets, protect our wonderfull sport form the anti's and get on and enjoy themselves! course carp match trout sea or salmon we all anglers!

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    Colin North, the one and only Guest


    There's loads of free coarse fishing down here in the South, including some remarkable fishing on the Thames.

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    And on the Medway at Maidstone or the Kentish Stour through Canterbury[img]/forum/smilies/smile_smiley.gif[/img]
    He is every other inch a gentleman.

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    There is a definite difference to what people call fun when it comes to fishing.

    Fun to a match angler would be catching over 100lb + of fish in 5 hours.

    For a carp angler it's being on the bank waiting for that one run (not generalising carp anglers) that could be there new PB.

    I live in Staffordshire, average day ticket prices are around £7 per day at some very good commercial fisheries, my Local club water is £28 a year but the fish are not as abundant as on commercial fisheries.

    For me the fun is just fishing at a clean, comfortable water that's well run and well maintained. And catching a fish is a bonus.

    If i was a serious angler and not a Pleasure angler i'm sure i would spend as much time dedicating myself to that end of the fishing scale and i would probably still have fun doing it.

    Tight Lines [img]/forum/smilies/devil_smiley.gif[/img]

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