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Thread: Sweet Lupins.

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    Geoff Cowen Guest


    Has anybody tried Sweet Lupins seeds or Tiger nuts to catch Chub and Barbel?

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    Andrew Webber Guest


    I've not tried either but I'm sure if you introduce them regularly to holding areas, they'll soon get on them, especially chub!

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    David Will Guest


    I fished for Carp on a river last summer with Tigers , no Carp but lots of Chub.Buy them in bulk and prepare them yourself , it will work out a klot cheaper than buying prepared ones such as those sold by Dynamite.You will not need many if you fish them with hemp at a ration of a handful of Tigers to a few pints of Hemp.

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    Kevan Farmer Guest


    Are sweet lupin seeds available at seed merchants? If so, are they sold under this name or another description?


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    Geoff Cowen Guest


    Kevan, I have not come across them at seed merchants but you can get them from Hinders.

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    John Pleasance Guest


    I remeber reading a newspaper article about lupin seed a few years back and if I remember correctly, they have just about the highest amino acid profile of any seed.

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    William Spencer Guest


    just a word of warning chaps,if lupin seeds are the same as the lupins in gardens the seeds are poisonous

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    Fred Bonney Guest


    They maybe,but their twice the size of any lupin seeds I get out of my plants!!

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