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Thread: Mauritius

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    dai gribble Guest


    I'm honeymooning in Mauritius at the end of May. Does anyone have any idea what the beachfishing is like?

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    Steve Baker Guest


    A true fisherman!

    Even fishing on his honeymoon.

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    Birds Nest Guest


    ohhh good work son

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    Steve Baker Guest


    Carry his fishing tackle over the threshold, and then his wife.....

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    Simon Final Guest


    im going out there in april next year from what i have seen just cast out and hold on

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    Colin Leatherbarrow Guest


    When I got married, I took my lovely new wife to Jersey. The weather was great, hotel very good, food excellent.
    Best of all.... the fishin' was bloody marvelous. The bitch even caught more than me, (not taking her again).

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    Default Re: Mauritius

    Great choice to go fishing in Mauritius (even on your honeymoon haha)!
    The seas around Mauritius teem with giant blue and black marlin, dorado, wahoo, mako sharks, tiger sharks, huge yellow fin tuna, dog tooth tuna and a host of other fish too numerous to mention—all ready for you to tackle as you take in the beautiful seas, the warm sunshine and a cool beer or two.

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    Default Re: Mauritius

    I suspect much has happened in Dai’s life since his honeymoon some nineteen years ago!

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    Default Re: Mauritius

    Makes me wonder where all the past posters are now?

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    Default Re: Mauritius

    Can't comment on the fishing. But I know two blokes who went to Mauritius for the day, they arrived decided they didn't like it so bought the next ticket home. Most expensive day trip ever lol.
    This guy was fishing over a flower bed. I went up to him and said, "How many have you caught today? "
    He said, "You're the ninth!" (T. Cooper)

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