...for either:

1) A Graham Phillips Tench Float Rod -built by Paul Boote on Century Blank (my number one tackle 'want').

2) Or alternatively...a pole!

Bought my Adcock Stanton in 1989 or 1990 direct from Cliff Adcock. It's a 5" version with handles and a ratchet. Has a few minor scratches but is in excellent working order. It's just that I find I'm getting less and less use.. hasn't been on the bank for 5 years now and only a once or twice a year before that at most.

As for my 'wants' - 1) above is fairly self-explanatory.

As for a pole, would be after an 11m model (or thereabouts) to fish for silvers and (small) tench. Maybe a Shimano Technium XTA or similar would be about the same value as My Adcock Stanton??

Willing to make up any balance either way with cash.