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    Default Daiwa Harrier system whip.

    it may be a long shot but I am after a Daiwa Harrier system whip,

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    Default Re: Daiwa Harrier system whip.

    Not a long shot at all, they come up on EBay regularly, infact one sold just a few hours ago. They command good money though, still very sought after, I was extremely lucky to get mine for £60.

    There's a couple of Connys on the bay at the moment, a bit lighter than the Harrier, once again attract a lot of interest.

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    Default Re: Daiwa Harrier system whip.

    I have just paid £25 for an unused SR3 system whip, went to go outdoors
    and got a top kit for Ron Thompson Gangsta pole which fits the SR3 for £16,
    I will check on ebay, gumtree pre loved to see if any harriers are on there,
    tomorrow I am going to see if the number 4 section off the SR3 is the same as the original yank n bank pole, if so I will use the match kits off that on SR3 and have spare kits for use as short pole,

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    Default Re: Daiwa Harrier system whip.

    I think Benwick Sports did there own version of a daiwa system whip,
    it was on a daiwa blank but a lot cheaper under their own brand,

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