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Thread: River Teme

  1. Smile River Teme

    Hello all
    I am on the committee of a small fishing club with fishing rights on the middle reach's of the river Teme.
    It's a beautiful and quite 2 mile stretch of river with no matches on our bank or the opposite. With a good head of quality fish of the normal species for this river and cost less than fifty quid.
    If any of you are interested in joining our club please send me a personal mail and I'll give you some more info'

  2. Cool Re: River Teme

    Come on chaps I thought somebody would be interested

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    Default Re: River Teme

    i would be interested but as i dont drive its a hell of a long way to push my barrow....

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    Default Re: River Teme

    hi slack eddy i would be interested in some more information on the teme

  5. Default Re: River Teme

    Hello bid.t
    You have a private massage.

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    Default Re: River Teme

    hello, i would be very interested in joining next season

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    Hello Kenocat
    You have personal mail.

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