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    Default Lymm or Warrington

    Hi all,

    Not been fishing for a few years, looking to get back on the bank in the next few weeks.Im looking to join a club in Cheshire and i know that the questions been asked before but looking for some upto date advice on joining Lymm or Warrington.? Id be mainly after Carp and also river barbel. Ive looked at both websites and they both look to have nice waters im just worried about finding a peg on the better ones! Most of my fishing is done midweek as i work weekends. Any advice would be much appreciated.


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    Default Re: Lymm or Warrington

    My vote would go for WAA.

    WAA have more river fishing I also believe they have more options for the carp angler.

    Mid week fishing you won't have a problem getting a peg!

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    Default Re: Lymm or Warrington

    Sorry Eddie but my money would go to Lymm. They have some gorgeous waters.

    At the same time I'd stick my name on the Albert waiting list :-)

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    Default Re: Lymm or Warrington

    Fair enough mate.

    Am not sure of each clubs rules re:naming waters on a forum (not that am a member of either but respect where it's due). Generally speaking though and without naming specific stretches I think WAA have what I would call barbel stretches on the ribble and several on the severn, Lymm also have some decent Severn water but not sure about ribble?

    Lymm did have some Dane barbel stretch/es not sure if they got lost though?

    As for carp I think WAA edge it when one considers the larger stilwaters they have and the various canals too. I think WAA is a considerably cheaper option as well if am not mistaken mate, all told Lymm is definitely a club worth a looksee as you say, some of their waters are fabulous!

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    Default Re: Lymm or Warrington

    thanks for the reply guys.. its hard to decide!

    Ive looked online and there doesn't look much in it to be fair. although Warringtons a bit cheaper. I was more concerned with how many anglers are on the bank to be honest but as you say i should be ok midweek. Lymms junior section looks really good (ive a 9 year old son). Whats the waiting list on PAAS?


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    Default Re: Lymm or Warrington

    Long very very long BUT, if you don't put your name down you'll never reach the front of the queue.
    The Albert hold a junior open day/match once a year. Well worth keeping your eyes open for your little un. Costs them nothing, they are well looked after, and all come away with a goody bag. Also a good way for you to meet some of the Albert senior members.

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    Default Re: Lymm or Warrington

    hey guys thanks for the info, much appreciated. Still undecided though! Ive put my name on the PAAS waiting list today. Takes upto 3 years but suppose might as well get on it now.

    again thanks

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    Default Re: Lymm or Warrington

    Hi Harvey,

    I am pretty one sided being a Lymm member but I think has some of the best carp fishing in the North-west. Although Warrington is a great club with many good waters I think Lymm have been ahead of the game for the last few years when it comes to carp fishing.

    I also run the junior section so if you need any information please let me know.

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    Default Re: Lymm or Warrington

    new member here,just like to say well said bluenose regarding naming of club waters and such,i'm a member of salford anglers and one of our rules is exactly that,no directions either,club book has all necessary info for members or bailiffs phone numbers....well done last night too

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    Default Re: Lymm or Warrington

    PaSC Junior Development Officer ><((((°>

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