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    Default Lincoln & District AA

    I've been trying to find out about the LDAA's waters, membership, day tickets etc but their web site seems very slow and incomplete. Is there anyone who can tell me if they still control the River Witham from the confluence with the River Brant to Brayfords Pool which used to be a day ticket bought in advance from a tackle shop.

    Is parking available at The Plough at Bracebridge?

    Finally, what's the fishing like?

    Many thanks

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    binka Guest

    Default Re: Lincoln & District AA

    Hi there,

    Welcome to FM.

    This link might be helpful, there are some phone numbers to contact who should be able to answer your question and not sure if it covers the stretch that you refer to but there is mention of the following...

    "Witham and District Joint Anglers Federation, waters as listed seperately"

    Hope this helps and tight lines
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    Default Re: Lincoln & District AA

    Thanks Blinka, the link takes you to the LDAA web site which isn't really finished off and hasn't been updated for some time. I'll have to try thr local angling shops when I get up there but I'd still be glad of any input from forum members.

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    binka Guest

    Default Re: Lincoln & District AA

    No worries, did you try the contact numbers on there?

    Just thinking that if they can't help they would likely be able to point you in the right direction

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