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    Nigel Connor(ACA ,SAA) Guest


    February seemed a long way off when I first mooted this back in November but here we almost are.

    The full list of those fishing is as follows:

    Andy Renton
    Mike Townsend
    Graham Marsden
    Mark Wintle
    Paul Williams
    Mark Hewitt
    Andy Nellist
    Peter Jacobs
    Steve Spiller
    Jeff Spiller
    Neil Maidment
    Matt Brown
    Barry Edney
    Nathan Waller
    John Huntley

    That makes 21 in total and we are fully paid up. If anyone cannot make it let me know and we can draft in a reserve.

    Directions can be found here Directions

    The car park should have plenty of room for us all.

    Peter J has kindly agreed to lay on bacon butties and tea and coffee. Him and I will be in the fishery car park from 7.30 onwards with hopefully fully functioning stoves, weather permitting. Brown sauce will be provided!

    Te rules sate that there is no fishing until 0900.I have got a little relaxation on this and we can be on the water from 0830.

    Fishing has to stop one hour after sunset but as most of us will be trotting, it may be a little tricky to go that late.

    Fishing is from the entrance to the fishery to Wards Pool and above where the river splits in two to the very top of the fishery. It is single bank only. The stretch between the two is strictly out of bounds. The map on the fishery web-site is very blurred. I have asked them to send me a clean copy and I will photocopy one for everybody.

    I did raise the possibility of splitting us in to two groups so as to alternate between the top and bottom beats. I have thought long and hard about this and have decided not to do this for a variety of reasons. The track to the upper beats is open to 4WD vechiles only and as it is a good mile walk, I did not want to compel anyone to fish the upper beats if they did not feel up to the walk. I also spoke to Paul from Anglers Net who have had fish ins here with 20 people for the last 4 years and he says lack of space or swim hogging has never been a problem. Lets see how it goes on this occasion. I am sure we will go again and if it doesn’t work this time we can try things out differently next time. I am sure we can rely on everyone’s good sense to spread out along the two miles of the fishery and not fish on top of each other at the bottom end.

    There is a fish hut at Pike Pool and I propose we all meet up for lunch at say 12.45? I’ll gladly lay on a spot of hot food again although I heard a little rumour that FM's balti king may be cooking up something special.

    There is a pub next door to the fishery, the White Swan, which does a mean carvery by all accounts.If you want to eat after the fishing perhaps you could post so I can give them some idea of numbers although getting a table should not be a problem at that time I would not have thought.Hopefully we can all make it for at least a pint to toast the ladies!

    Relevant Rules are as follows:

    No worms

    No spinning or lures allowed.

    No fly fishing

    No rubbish/litter to be left on bank.

    No dogs

    All fish to be returned. No keepnets for carp or game fish, including grayling.

    No sub-letting of rods i.e no sharing of rods with non-paying guests.

    Hopefully we will get a rain free period to allow some of the colour to drop out between now and the day. Word is that the fish do run large with a few 3lbers but they can be hard to locate so a mobile approach is the key.

    Any questions let me know.

    See you all next Saturday!!

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    Warren 'Hatrick' (Wol) Gaunt Guest


    Will the Bacon be smoked or unsmoked?

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    i will be there as well to help with anything that needs doing. If someone pulls out don't worry i'll have my rods with me

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    Nigel Connor(ACA ,SAA) Guest


    Whatever you like, Sir!

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    Warren 'Hatrick' (Wol) Gaunt Guest


    Sausage it is then.


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    Bully Guest


    Looking forward to it Nige. I do have one potential issue. I managed to partly severe the end of my thumb 2 weeks ago. It was only the flesh bit however having just come back from skiing its looking really yuk now I have taken the dressing off.

    If it was tomorrow I'd have to pull out. Hopefully should be OK but I'll keep you posted.........

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    Jeff ( Lucky ) Spiller Guest


    Nigel are you going to start a Kitty in the morning, so we can all chip in for the food, don't want anyone out of pocket.

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    Coops Guest


    No less clumsy then Bully! (he said sympathetically)

    Roll on! I've got two days on a prime stretch of the Kennet tomorrow and Saturday after barbel and a day on the Itchen next week after grayling. Could a February, or life in general, get any better?

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    Put me down for the carvery Nigel.

    Looking forward to this one and I think the forecast looks pretty good. Not too much rain so the river could be in good nick for Saturday week. It's a bit high and pushing through and somewhat coloured at the moment.

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    Join Date
    Nov 2002


    Not jealous at all.

    Good luck i will try and catch a few of the Ribble. So will be with you in spirit.

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