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    DAN. Guest


    jokes put to the side Christian get yourself to the Trent you will be glad !
    there is some great sport to be had .

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    DAN. Guest


    at the end of last season i had some big barbs on asstoffu pellets they are new from japan and have accounted for some huge piles of fish

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    DAN. Guest


    LEE what pegs you thinking of fishing?

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    "what pegs" Is it a match??

    Last time I fished the Trent it was a stick float down the inside for 23lb of roach and chub. You telling me it's changed since then!!

    Just checked me rod cupboard....

    ...several "skinny" match rods, couple of busted pole sections (Clattercote!). Have got a 1.75 rod with "barbel" written on the butt so that sounds good. Also got a 2.75 12ft "poker" won in a raffle.

    What do I need for this weekend?

    Advice please.

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    DAN. Guest


    not that i know of,
    as its the pree season (haha)
    people will be camped out from the monday morning to get onto the main pegs around the main pool and you probably wont see a clear peg to the 60s as collingham is one of the most popular stretches on the trent!
    but the place holds lots and lots of barbs and other big fish!

    as for tackle the barbel rod will be fine as will the poker!
    pellets boilies dynomite and a couple of poachers are all you need for the weekend ill lend you cat!

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    Cakey Guest


    any carp ??

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    Dec 2004


    Christian you would be well looked after, get yourself up!

    1.5lb tc will suffice

    pegs as available 1-300 and whatever!

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    Cakey Guest


    Christian if dad dont want to go tell him to drop you off here and Ill take long as theres carp !

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    Hi Lee
    I would like to be there but it clashes with my annual club weekend but if there is any change to the dates pencil me in. It would be nice to meet up with you and some of Johns pals as well so its fingers crossed and hope to see some of the lads when the river season opens. Mick.

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    DAN. Guest


    cakey, yes there is carp!!!!!!!!!
    big fat pellet,. boilie eating behamouths o sorry im on about cat again!

    yes mate there is carp

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