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    I am looking at possibly having a pike match on my lake.

    It is a two acre lake in Bedfordshire, near to junction 13 of the M1.

    I would imagine using 12 pegs would be an ideal number. A £12 ticket, with the winner taking £100 in prize money.

    Are there many pike anglers in the region? would you be intrested?

    possible date of sat. 15th december.

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    trev matthews (100M bronze) Guest


    hello Jay sounds good for me, e mail me with some more details. Hope its not too early as I have a works crimbo party on the Friday lol

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    I thought 10am start with a 3pm finish, gives people enough time to arrive, have the peg draw, and the finish time gives enough daylight to pack up etc.

    anyone else intrested?

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    Paul (Brummie) Williams Guest


    What happens to the pike Jay?

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    Apr 2005


    They go back to fight another day Brummie......don't they Jay?

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    trev matthews (100M bronze) Guest


    mmm why the immediate suspicion ?

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    well, all the pike caught will be.............. returning to the water. There is an abundance of roach and rudd to keep them fed,I was going to have some removed by the E.A. this autumn, but changed my mind due to a rather poor fishing summer.

    there seems to be a good head of fish around the 8lb mark, a 15 was caught in spring on a boilie!, and the biggest caught in previous years is a 28lb. Also, a rumour of a 35lb caught around 20 years ago.. how long do pike live for?

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    Wolfman Woody Guest


    Where is the lake, specifically, Postcode please?

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    Sorry,I onlygive out the exact location of the fishery to people who have booked. the lake has been run as a secret lake fished by appointment only.All pictures that have been in carp talk etc have been listedas "A private Bedfordshire fishery"I do take appointments for peopleto view the lake with the view to booking.[img]/forum/smilies/wink_smiley.gif[/img]

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    ED (The ORIGINAL and REAL one) Guest





    Salford Road
    Milton Keynes, MK17

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