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    Phil Heaton Guest


    I've just got home from the night out and must say that Bob and the DVSG had the audience eating out of their hands, we had about 80 in room and you could have heard a pin drop. As Isuggested earlier their preparation, photography and final presentationproved to bevery professional and well worth watching.

    We raised £410 on the event and the promise of a trip out on a narrow boat on the River Don for the Chernobyl children and their carers in July when they come over.

    I must thank the very kind people who donated prizes for the raffle including Fishing Republic, Wickersley Angling and Richard ? who ran a tacklestall on the night, but most of all I must thank everyone who turned up and supported us by digging deep into their pockets.

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    12 Hazelford members and all dvsg group in one room and not a crossed word

    Seriously though it was great night thanks lads

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    Fred Bonney Guest


    Well done the DVSG, great turnout

    But, is this the first sign of a solo breakaway?

    Like Diana Ross& The Supremes or, Brian Paul & The Tremeloes or, Eric Burdon & The Animals?


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    Sep 2002


    Big thanks to all who turned up last night to support the Rotherham PAC and the Chernobyl Children. It was good to see a few old friends again, too.

    Great turn out - really could have done with a bigger room as it happens - and a fair few quid was raised for good causes.

    Special thanks to Stu Walker who not only put a lot of effort into the DVD footage and electronic wizardry but also for throwing me out of my stride on numerous occasions by adding bonus slides and sound effects to the presentation while I was away. Not knowing what's going to come up next can be pretty nerve wracking I can tell you but didn't the lads do well?

    One or two members were adamant that they didn't fancy doing any talking but there was practically no stopping them once the lights went down. Prepping the show involved a fair bit of effort by the group as a whole but it was well worth it.



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    A great night. The DVSG boys excelled themselves and put on a very professional and entertaining show.

    It's not every day you see footage of 400lb stergeon being caught alongside snap shots of bitterling in one sitting!

    The potted meat and fish paste sandwiches went down very well too, althought there weren't many takers for the jelly and ice cream.

    If you missed it this time then I'd recommend you get to the next one.

    A big thanks to Fiskies Fantastic Feeders (FFF)for donating the bag of big feeders and leads for the raffle, which I won! Just the job for the Trent and Ribble.
    PaSC Junior Development Officer ><((((°>

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    Tony Rocca Guest


    I did post on t'other thread last night but it seems to have gone,...... again!

    I said, If I had known it was lesbian night in the pub, which it was,I would have worn my best dress.

    DVSG boys did a good turn but as Bob said it was a bit packed in the cheap seats at the back, bigger room needed next time lads.

    &pound;400 odd quid is a good result I think.

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    Chris Pearson Guest


    Great night really enjoyed the DVD and all the slides,presentations were wonderful,enjoyed the buffet,well done DVSG,glad to hear you've raised a few bob in the process.

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    Dec 2004


    As a meber of the DVSG I would like to know what Tony said that caused a double deletion.

    I personally don't mind a bit of constructive fact it is the only way to improve so please allow him his say...We are all grown blokes and so therefore there is no need to get too over-protective.

    I thought it was a great turn-out and it was fantastic to meet up with a few old mates...Life really is too bloody short for in-fighting.


    Deano's romped home with the pie and cake contest, his chocolate marmalade tea loaf swept all comers away in a T'sunami of taste and texture!

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    PaSC Junior Development Officer ><((((°>

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    good to here it went well Lee

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