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    Default For sale; fox txr mk1 remote system

    In very good condition, with fox 2.5mm leads and custom (read home made) 3.5mm leads for delks. Also an extension lead for use with seperate sticks not a pod/goalpost setup. Includes original brackets to mount transmitter to buzz bars/pods, think i still have original box and instructions but not certain.

    Connections for 3 alarms, uses pp3 9v batteries (1 in transmitter, 1 in receiver)

    I'm looking for £50 inc post to UK mainland only. Any unusual UK locations, additional post may apply.

    Will send photos /more info by pm if required.

    Cheers, Paul B.

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    Hi Paul
    Would £40 own it
    Regards Eddie

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    PM sent Eddie

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    pm returned
    Regards Eddie

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    pm returned, sorry for blank one, too eager on the send button! include directions to manuals for txr/txr+ on fox website as couldn't include as attachment.

    Regards, Paul.

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    Sold to Ejohno. Cheers!

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