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    Goose Ganderton Guest


    Hi all
    I have not fished the fly for a number of years and even then was realy rather green when it came to what type of rod / reel /line combination to use but now I want to get a new fly rod and reel to go after some heavy Bream and Barbel over the next few weeks and then maybe pike. What do you think the best action rod would be for these fish and remember my casting will be a bit rusty, also I do not want to spend vast amounts of money on gear that will only be used when all else fails or the fish will not take a bait off or near the surface. Can you give me some makes and prices and what what weight of rod I should be looking at.

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    Hello Goose the sort of gear you will need for tacling the larger species will be a rod with a line rating of around 8 I would suggest no longer than 9'a floating line and a selection of sinking lines to match the rod wf8 will do for most purposes. Some of the manufacturers market "pike" fly rods at serious prices but a standard still water rod is more than good enough. A decent reel with an efficient drag will be a boon to you.
    As regards pike just ensure that you have a short 12" wire trace betwenn the leader and the fly.
    The same outfit will be ok for barbel its just the approach and flies that are different.
    If I can help you any further feel free to contact me

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    Goose Ganderton Guest


    Thanks Alan thats just what I needed to know. I am intreeged by your e-mail address, I assume that you run a business. Was it you who was offering to teach the Wallis cast for centre pin reels. Do you have a web site or could you e-mail me your tuition fees.

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    Answers to questions!!!No I don't run a business thats just my e-mail address.
    Yes it was me who offered to teach the wallis cast. I don't charge for help given though you will have to come to me. I am just a regular angler who is fortunate enough to be able to fish for all the three branches of fishing.
    I used to teach fly fishing and fly dressing at colleges up here in the North West.
    I appear regularly on BBC Radio Lancashire in " At the Waters Edge"
    I occasionally demonstrate various angling skills at shows all for fun and to pass on some of the skills to others I will be demonstrating at the Cheshire Game Fair next year and probably at Chatsworth.
    A friend of mine Martin James is trying to persuade me to start writing articles for publication which I will get round to one day....!
    I have just discovered these forums on various sites and I am enjoying them they are getting me used to writing about fishing..

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