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Thread: Women Anglers

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    Did you see the news item on this web site 'Majority of Women Anglers are Flyfishers'?
    Well, what's your theory about why most women are flyfishers?

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    denis goulding Guest


    graham i suppose they do not want to get dirty using smelly maggots and groundbait..

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    David Robichaud Guest


    Graham, If the majority of women are like my wife then I can quite undestand why they fish on the fly so to speak. I took my wife fishing once in Canada during the May flounder run. We caught 43 fish in an hour and twenty minutes, I caught twelve and yes you've guessed it, I spent most of the time putting on the bait and unhooking her fish. Now everytime I am talking fishing to friends up comes the subject I have only been fishing once and I caught more than he did. No mention of the facts just I caught the most and the biggest.

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    Since when have facts had anything to do with the female logic?

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    I assume the last remark was designed to provoke a response from women readers
    Sorry but you got me!
    Fly fishing is the prefered option for women probably for a number of reasons.
    It tends to take place in often very beautiful settings the upper trout holding lengths of our rivers are usually rather more unspoilt.
    It is true that they dont have to deal with some of the less pleasant baits often used in coarse fishing.
    Also they dont have to carry around the sheer weight of tackle that many coarse anglers do, the outfit that my father carries must weigh in the region of half a hundredweight!!! and he regards that as the bare essentials!.
    Fly fishing tends to take place in uncrowded surroundings which is often the greater pleasure.
    Of great importance is the fact that they dont have to sit and listen to the sort of foul mouthed invective that is all too commonplace in and around coarse fisheries though sadly this is a creeping disease on some trout only stillwaters.
    Also attractive to women is the subtle skills used in trout fishing particularly on the rivers e.g. short range accurate casting. Fly dressing is another area where women can do a great deal better than us as ladies tend to have more patience than us which allied to slim nimble fingers provides the basis of a great fly dresser.
    All of these facets make fly fishing more attractive to women than other branches of our sport

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    David Robichaud Guest


    Yes Alan you are almost certainly right in your assumptions. My fingers are like broken tree stumps when it comes to tying delicate flies. I have all the aids you could want to help in the tying of a fly, but although I am loathe to admit it, she does come in handy when I get to the delicate parts that my stumps just can't get round. No offence ladies, but I don't often get the chance to put one over on the Silver tounged devil of mine. We all love you really.

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    David Robichaud Guest


    My husband said I couldn't get into this conversation, that's like waving a red rag at a bull. Why should I put the maggots on the hook and take the fish off. You must have heard of that old expression WHY HAVE A DOG AND BARK YOURSELF. Boy he's going to be mad when he reads this. Poor old chap hasn't been fishing for a while he must be getting maggot withdrawal symptoms
    Jackie Robichaud

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    You're very welcome to join the conversation Jackie. You sound just like my wife. She thinks maggots are just something that changes into a fly in the car, and that Shakespeare is a bloke who writes plays. Tell you, they know nothing!

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    David Robichaud Guest


    I made the mistake of telling my computer to remember my password, too late I remembered that I had done it and you have seen the result. To say that my wife is quick is an understatement, her tongue is as sharp as a razor. I thought that at long last I had got my own back on 13 years of suffering from her quick retorts. Her latest retort is that all anglers could be well paid models for a gnome factory. Do you see what I have to put up with. But I still love her. David

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    I am woman carp angler and the reason you don't see many women anglers is
    1. It's not safe
    2. Most husbands and partners go fishing to get away from their other halves
    3. Men anglers get too embarassed when their partners catch more fish.
    4. We're not taken seriously.
    I'm one of the lucky ones for last 15 years my husband has taken me and our 4 kids fishing and we've always had loads of fun. Our biggest problem at first was finding a swim bigger enough for all of us but as the kids have got older it's not so bad. For some reason men think we won't go for a pee in the bushes, no problem if there are actual bushes to squat behind.
    It's also true that women roll better boilies due to their hormones. Needless to say I've spent many an hour on the bank rolling other peoples boiles round my hands to see if they catch more.

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