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    A number of coarse anglers are having a few problems with fluorocarbon hooklengths in that they're breaking unexpectedly, most often at the knot, but occasionally between knots. Has any experienced game angler found the same thing, and if so, was it with a certain brand of line or all the fluorocarbon mono leaders they've tried? If the breakage was at the knot, which knot was being used, and which knot solved the problem?

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    David Robichaud Guest


    Graham. I have had the same problem when fishing with flurocarbons. It is not just one particular brand. The knot that corrected this was the nail knot. But beware flurocarbons should be changed for each trip and I would not recommend them for Atlantic Salmon.

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    David. I do know that one certain, cheaper brand of fluorocarbon has caused more problems than any other. Not just at the knot but between knots too. Curiously, perhaps, the usual grinner and palomar knots (which are best for braid and conventional mono) have not been the answer for fluoros when the knot has been the problem. The figure eight loop knot has been best in my own experience. I don't know the nail knot, could you describe it please?

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    denis goulding Guest


    i visited rutland water for the first time last year for the hardy final.....i was impressed by the small water no-end.the fish were unreal....before we ventured out we went to the tackle shop to collect our tickets..all i could see on the line stand was ,u guessed it ruddy fluorocarbon,,which i had never fished at home because it usually broke at the knots...but as i had no line with me i had to attach my flies to i picked 2 spools of 6 lb fulling i was paying for them,one of the lads behind the counter started laughing.".u are the boys from ireland"..( obvious enough as we were all wearing guinness caps and shirts ).."well i wouldn't use that light a line "he said,,he put back my 6lb line and came back with 8lb..a bit heavy i thought..for the next five days i used one cast each problem with knots and the tangles dropped out evry of the lads on my team hooked a 4lb plus silver bar on the hang and it took off ,,all the line was under his feet and he gave all the boats around us a version of the riverdance..but before the fish went 20 feet he stood on the line..i hear u say smash,crack..not on your nelly he turned that fish upside down with the fish hurtling away from recommendation..if u are pulling flies use fulling mill line..u will not break and if u do it will have to be a monster,,these days at home i use fulling mill 4lb on our small stocked waters and have had fish to 16.5lbs..i am off to rutland again this september for the hardy final again and there are no prizes to what i will be using...


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    David Robichaud Guest


    Sorry I have not got back to you but I have had a system crash and been out of action for the last week. I will have the information on the nail knot for you when I get my scanner up and running. This is an American knot and could well be known over here by a different name. Denis when I was in Canada we very often built our own tippets starting with a heavy 20lb mono and gradually reducing to 8lb for atlantic salmon. For trout we would start at 10lb and reduce to 4lb. So if they still laugh at your way of doing things in Rutland then just ask them can you make your own tippet? They probably look at you in amazement. Then you can say 'when you can, come back and see me, and I will call you a fly fisherman. Mono was around long before flurocarbons and still work better. I still make my own, after trying fluro,s and having the same problems.


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    Thanks David - and Denis, you know what they say about he who laughs last...... Keep doing your own thing mate. Confidence is everything, and you only get that by using the tackle you know works for you, whether that is line or anything else.

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    Phil & Jo Hyde Guest


    The question I have to ask, is why are you going for such thin line, when the refractive index of fluorocarbon is as near as almost unmeasurable to water, that you would be unable to see it no matter how thick the diameter was. I tried a fluoroleader of 5Kg b.s. and caught as many trout as on the 6lb Diawa "super Shinobi" I have been using for the last couple of years, and that is as thin as everyone elses 4lb b.s.
    I use 30lb fluoro for snook in Florida, and they are as wary as any trout i've come across. Last trip three of us had over 100 fish in 2 days, to 36"" long, all on circle hooks (Daiichi bleeding bait circle size 2/0), and all safely released.
    Try 10lb b.s. for trout - if you don't you'll never know.

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    Ron Troversial Clay Guest


    As it happens I have just done some testing right now, today on fluoro lines.

    The 12 lb Krystonite (fluorocarbon coated) with two figure of eight loops -not the best knots, broke consistantly at 11 1/2 lbs. Not bad at all. 6lb Fluorocabron trout leader from Drennan broke at 3 1/2 lbs. Rubbish. 6 lbs Stren broke at 6 1/2 lbs. very good. 10 lbs Stren broke at 11 lbs. excellent.

    All with ordinary figure of eight loops.

    The best knot for tying on hooks with fluoro is an ordinary half blood knot without the tuck. For making up droppers, a plain three turn water knot on 6 lb Stren breaks at exactly 6 lbs.

    The best fluorocarbon I have tested up to now is Stren.

    You can't buy it in England though.

    USD 8-50 for 200 yards, has to be the cheapest and best in the world.

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    Phil & Jo Hyde Guest


    These are Bass Pro Shop prices for 25 yard spools, and it is the best...

    Price Item
    Number Description Size
    $7.49 38-417-581-10 10 LB .011"
    $7.99 38-417-581-12 12 LB .013"
    $7.99 38-417-581-15 15 LB .015"
    $7.99 38-417-581-20 20 LB .017"
    $8.99 38-417-581-25 25 LB .019"
    $9.99 38-417-581-30 30 LB .022"
    $11.99 38-417-581-40 40 LB .025"
    $14.99 38-417-581-50 50 LB .029"
    $17.99 38-417-581-60 60 LB .030"

    Find Bass pro Shops on Google or similar.
    No idea on carr., friend sends to me.

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    ED (The ORIGINAL and REAL one) Guest


    The NAIL KNOT is also known as the ALBRIGHT KNOT


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