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    Hi can someone tell me how to make a shooting head from a dt line were to cut etc .I have seen this info on a website but i can't find it

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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay Guest


    You want to cut the line at the length you can aerialise optimally. If the line matches your rod this means about 10 to 11 yards of head.

    Remember that if a rod is rated at a weight 7 say, it means it can aerialise 10 yards of 7 weight line.

    In the old days I would then needle knot the line to flattened mono backing about 25lbs bs. You want about 50 yards of it.

    These days I would buy some of the special shooting backing supplied by Airflo. You can also use hollow braid but it tends to burn your fingers when a trout opens the throttle.

    Inch-worm the braid onto your line and then locate with a sleeve. Then apply a few touches - not too much, of super glue and it will never move again.


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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay Guest


    By the way as an additional tip, do not have your head shorter than 10 yards. The shorter head means that you have to be more precise with your timing on the cast.

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    Hi Ron,

    I need some shooting head backing for my ten wight lines. Do you know where I can get this airflow stuff. Do you rate it?


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    What does 'inch-worm' mean Ron?

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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay Guest


    Try Fishtec Rich. It seems OK to me.

    Inchworming means putting a hollow braid over a fly line. It's an American term as are most things in fly fishing today and is named after a certain caterpillar very common in the States.

    The inchworming technique is difficult to describe in words. What you do is push the line into the hollow braid. When you have a little inserted you grip it and push the braid on again. Then you grip the braid with your other fingers and release the fingers you were holding the line in the first place. You carry on repeating this until you have about 11/2 inches of line up the braid. Then you pull down the braid sleeve and lock it in place.

    I could show you how to do this in a couple of seconds if you were sitting next to me. It's very easy to do.

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