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    Phillip Neal Guest


    I have just started to fly fish,when I ask anyone " what are they going on?" I get an answer,but haven`t got a clue what there on about.Are there any pocket size books about which can help me?

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    Ray Bewick Guest


    Phillip - John Goddards Waterside Guide (think thatís the right author & title!) is just right for the pocket.

    What water are you fishing?

    If it's stocked waters & the fish are rainbows with no catch & release, small to medium lures will catch you plenty of 'stockies'.

    Once you have tired of that (some never do), try the 'imitative' approach i.e. the idea of matching the 'fly' to what the fish are feeding on. Set your own challenges, you cannot learn if your not getting 'takes'; don't expect to beat the local 'experts' immediately, but I can assure you WILL at some time.

    Start fly tying!

    Good luck

    Let us know how you get on

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    Mark Frame Guest


    salmon and trout mag trout fisherman sell a book called 220 favourite flies get yourself a copy its pocket sized so you can carry it about with you about £10 i think

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    Phil Neal Guest


    Cheer`s for the info. Ray,

    At present I`m trying NINE OAK`S at Llanon and also Tydbrynn at Crybin.

    I`ve thought about the fly tying but I thought I`d better learn to fish with them first.

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    Phil Neal Guest


    Thanks Mark

    I`ll give that a try too.

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    TONY JONES Guest


    I've found spending a bit of time in the tackle shop, before I start fishing. Most of the owners/managers are only too happy to help, and they will also tell you how to fish them.Plus you will see the wide range of flies on display. Remember if in doubt ask. One thing I've found with section of anglers, they are very helpful.
    Cheers TJ

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    Phil Neal Guest



    Yes I know what you mean,but I don`t want to look a complete plonker! the chap at 'nine oaks is pretty good though,he knows I'm only learning so he helps quite well if he's there.


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    Just started Fly fishing & being such a beginner I'm confused on the best flies to have-I have a little collection of buzzers,gold headed nymphs,butchers,alexanders (dry&wet) & of course Dawl Bachs but I would like to have a collection of flies from fullingmill as they were voted the best made flies BUT WHICH DO I CHOOSE_PLEASE HELP!!

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    MarkTheSpark Guest


    Best bet is to look through a few fishing mags and select a few of the patterns mentioned. Building up a comprehensive collection takes years.

    My list? Since you asked it's: Buzzers size 10-14. Leaded and unleaded damsel nymph. Black Tadpole, size 10. Minkie. Sedges (any). Klinkhamers. Daddy Longlegs (dry deerhair) Pheasant Tail Nymph.

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    Thanks for the info Mark-that's my middle name-I've just bookmarked this so I can buy them.
    I was shocked how fly fishing is more complicated than coarse but what a different feeling when I caught my first fish on the Dawl Bach.You can feel the shaking of the head,everything.I thought by the fight that it was a lot bigger than 1lb 2oz,felt more like 3lb but even on a blank I love being by the bank.Still got to learn how to catch on the river though.

    All the best,happy fishing

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