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    For some time now I have been building a datababase of all the fly fishing venues in the UK. Currently I have basic location details on over 600 lakes, rivers and streams and I am adding more every day. I am also adding more detailed information to each venue to enable intelligent searching (eg where can I sneak off to on my way back up the M5 from that meeting in Exeter? Or where can I actually find some *!*?!* grayling?).

    There are other such 'places to fish' sites I know and some of the Scottish ones are really very good, but none covering England & Wales seems aimed specifically at flyfishing, none is anywhere near complete (particularly regarding rivers) and none provides intelligent searching.

    You can see how I am getting on at So far I have got up to the letter 'O' in terms of adding the detail but I expect to finish by mid December.

    I would really welcome any suggestions for venues to include (especially rivers), any corrections to the information I have and any feedback regarding the features of the site, ease of use etc...

    Thanks in advance
    Chris Loveys

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    shakey jake Guest


    i caught my first greyling on the river rother at north mill in midhurst if thats any good (2lb cracking fish)

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    shakey jake Guest


    also do you know anything about argal reservoir its near falmouth in cornwall. i want to start fishing it coz it has a couple of 40lb carp init apprently. but i dont know nothing about it

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    I will add Grayling as a species to R. Rother. Thanks for that. Sorry, I have nothing on Argal res.

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    ED (The ORIGINAL and REAL one) Guest


    All that comes up when you search is :

    Search results
    Microsoft SQL Native Client error '80040e57'

    String or binary data would be truncated.

    /list.asp, line 323

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    Fred Bonney Guest


    Google finds it, Ed.

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    Sorry about the error - a bug in the database coding - now fixed.

    I will add Argal Reservoir once I have researched it. I am the first to admit that even with 647 venues I still have a long way to go....


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    ED (The ORIGINAL and REAL one) Guest


    I meant a search on the site itself ...

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