Hi all,

I'm off to visit the parents in North Wales over xmas and can't resist getting a fly wet while I'm there...

I have found a fishery, which is Troutmaster recognised, called Graiglwyd Springs Trout Fishery, near Conwy. Has anyone out there fished it or at least know of it?

I actually want to know of the eating quality of the fish... The reason I ask is that having fished an Essex fishery near home recently (I won't name and shame) I was told by the owner that the fish ate really well.

However, when I went to the on-site lodge/tackle shop at the end of the day with a good rainbow the young lad quickly told me that he 'wouldn't eat anything out of here'...

I fould out why, having cooked my fish at home it tasted of nothing but rotten mud!!!

Thanks in advance for any help!