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Thread: Chest waders?

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    Hi all,
    just wondering if there is anybody out there that can give me any info on breathable chest waders please? stuff like, best make, good price, what sort of thickness? Also on wading boots to please, felt botton,stud, rubber grips? Are they waterproof(or little leaks) what to wear under both(therm or fleece). Anything like that would be great.
    Many thanks,

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    Shrek Guest



    All depends on how much you want to spend!!

    Simms are the best breathable waders going, but expect to pay upwards of 250 for a pair. I've got a pair of Vision Flywater waders and they're pretty good. You can get a deal on them at the moment with waders and wading boots for 150. Boots are felt soles with metal studs. Lots of people find this the best combination as felt only means you go sliding all over the place on grass.

    Fleece long jons are one of the best things to wear under your waders if you're going wading in winter, but most of the time you won't need them, or at least I don't.

    Hope that helps some.

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    Adrian, cheers mucker,
    This sort of thing really helps, going to have a good look around.
    I was thinking of getting a wading stick also???
    Many thanks bud,

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    Shrek Guest


    Yes, an absolute must of you're going river fishing but not too essential of you're going on reservoirs, IMHO, as I tend to use my landing net handle for that.

    I just had a look on John Norris website and they have a special on Scierra MBQ Breathables with wading boots for 130. These are a good wader too.

    Let us know how you get on.

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    Thanks fella,
    just had a look, looking good. Will let you know.

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    I have a pair of the Greys GRX best buy i have made for a while. The boots are a felt soled with rubber tread at the heel and toe.

    Can not say about any others as these are my first pair.

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    Hi Carl
    Tried most of the breathable waders and some of the neoprene ones rangeing in price from cheapish to damn expensive.Never had a pair that lasted more than a season,I now buy nylon chest waders with rubber soles.But I attach ice climbing type spikey things on the wellingtons for extra grip on rocks etc. The waders only cost 16 quid a pair and are comfy and do not leak. I get them from the local caveing shops. At that price I dont mind throwing them after a year.I use army issue thermal long johns,they cetainly keep your bits warm! Never go river fishing without a wading stick,I use an extendable but its been tinkered with as the handles can slip on them. Dont forget the life jacket you might never use it, but it is what it says,A LIFE jacket

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    Cheers John,
    I might not use the breathable ones that often, it's all depends on how often I get the chance to go river fishing. Do you think I can get those ones you wear off-line?
    Ah that was something else I was going to ask, ant information about life jackets would be brill, where's the best place to get them?
    I will keep looking, anymore info will be great,
    many thanks,

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    life jackets all I can say is make sure they have the kite mark on them,you can get auto,manual,ones that are incoperated with fly waistcoats. You ned to look around for the life jackets,the choice is yours. Waders try decatholon it is a sports shops which sells everthing including fishing gear.It is very good and cheap!Merry Crimbo

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    HI John,
    Many thanks mucker.
    Marry christmas to you to sir

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