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    Like most fishing tackle there are so much commodities & possibly lots of propaganda and its worse for the likes of me as I’m a complete novice. Even flies are overwhelming where to start. There is Airflo Forty Plus, Ridge Line, Sixth Sense, Freshwater Delta, Tru–Cast, Cortland’s 444, Rio Accelerator, Midge Tip, Midspey Sink Tip, Windcutter, Scientific Anglers Supreme 2, Ultra 4 Floating & Wet Cell. Which WF 8 fly line and which taper, leader or fluorocarbon line works most excellent on Stillwater’s for casting but predominantly presentation as that has a large part in catching Trout? Please Help….


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    Shrek Guest


    If it were me, I'd buy a Snowbee Prestige XS fly line.

    Leaders would probably be either Rio or Airflo.

    Fluorocarbon. Don't know as I don't use it. I use Drennan Double Strength Mono.

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    COOL thanks; I'll have a gander at the snowbee prestige xs.I personally don't like fluorocarbon but the leader I'm using for now is Ultima Hi-tech Vintage super strong which seems okay.


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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay (ACA) Guest


    The Snowbee Prestige is an excellent line. I have 4 of them in different weights.

    As regards leaders, for sinking flies I use fluorocarbon all the time. In in fact I even use a fluorocarbon tippet on a nylon tapered leader when fishing dry flys. The fluorocarbon sinks quickly which is what you want.

    It's been many years since I used a full nylon leader.

    There is a review of Peter Cockwill's new book - Trout from Small Stillwaters - on the home page of this sight. It's only £16.99 and it will put you right on all the questions you ask.

    Peter is a friend of mine and I can assure you this book is top class.

    Peter Cockwill is a master fly fisher make no mistake about that.

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    money is tight at the moment but I enjoy reading as I'm a member with readers union where you get fishing books a lot cheaper; I will buy the book soon.Not sure whether you know Tree Tops Fishery in Wales here but I'm going on Friday,wish me luck as I've never been there before.There is a rig I'm thinking of but will it work where you have a number of flies on your leader attached by each hook 4-5ft apart but is 4 safe to use this technique?

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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay (ACA) Guest


    Check the rules, they may not allow you to use 4 flies.

    If you are a newcomer to fly fishing, I would strongly advise that you use only one fly at this stage. Casting a multi-fly leader, especially against the wind is not easy.

    Only really proficient casters can do this.

    The tangles you can achieve can be most "interesting".

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    Made a mistake I was ment to say 3,soz.Went to my mate who owns a tackle shop & he's shown me how to make up the multi fly leaders & amazingly as I've read your reply,you said what he had so I'll stick to the basics as it is rather windy.

    Ron,do you think yellow & white Cat whiskers or gold headed nymphs will do as the trout are going to be low in the water with it being cold or can I still use dry flies just in case they're higher up?

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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay (ACA) Guest


    If catching fish is your aim, I wouldnt worry about dry flies at this time of the year. Get yourself a few flexifloss bloodworms and a few reddish coloured buzzers. A cats whisker is basically a lure, yet it should work.

    Get yourself a few Vivas as well.

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    See who's catching fish then ask what they are getting them on,say sheepishly,i haven't got one of them is it like this ,chances are they will give you a fly,(they are having a good day and someone is taking an interest),Dick Walker once said you should tie flies in threes,one to use one to lose and one to give away,catching on a home tied fly is great but seeing someone else catch on one of your flies is even better.

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    I am a LARGE fan of the Diawl Bach(being Welsh of course) & the fact they have caught well.

    The flies I'm thinking of taking with me are Black Daddy Longlegs,Blobs,Trout fry,Black & Red Buzzers, Viva's,Black Fritz,damsels,sedges,and the Diawl Bachs, The flexi-floss bloodworm I bought this morning,weird how this one's presented & how they can catch so well,maybe it's the flexi-floss that has a large part in it.

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