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    Any of you guys fished Rutland lately? If so any hints on areas and flies and depth of takes would be greatly appreciated!

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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay (ACA) Guest


    Are you boat or bank fishing?

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    Bank, it's a league match (RAF)!

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    Shrek Guest


    This site might be of help to you:

    Rutland Gillies

    It's updated fairly regularly.

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    Cheers Adrian that site is excellent!

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    You can also check out the reports for all the AW reservoirs on the following websites [ and


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    Rutland doesn't open until Sunday 1st April!

    Depending on wind direction!!

    Normanton from the Dam to East creek always has fish, as does Sykes Lane, Stockie bay and Whitwell.

    Black buzzers, PT nymphs and Diawl Bachs.
    Black and Green lures will also work.

    The North arm didn't fish well last year whereas the South arm was quite brilliant at times.

    Fishing Daddy long legs in August and September was amazing, some of the best fishing for trout I have ever experienced

    Good luck, perhaps see you there?


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    Thanks very much Colin, I'll be the fat lad trying to eat all the food in the cafe!

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    If the fish are down use a floating line with a long leader with a heavy buzzer to get it down. Fish just one dropper [another BBuzzer] and let it go round on the wind. If you can't help yourself and have to retrieve, do it slowly.

    Sometimes an Intermediate fished with a single Black and Green minkie will do the business. It sometimes helps to "Roly Poly" [heaven forbid] at high speed to get takes?????????

    Don't be frightened to chop and change.


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    Excellent, I've got some heavy gauge flash attack buzzers that sink like a stone!

    Think I fished just west of Stockie bay last time, only caught one though! Hoping to do better this year.

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