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    Gary Knowles Guest


    The last couple of feet of my floating line has started to sink. What is the best floatant to use to stop this?



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    If you cut off the few feet which are sinking would this solve the problem or would there then be a new few feet which sink?

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    Colin North, the one and only Guest


    Use line floatant on it. Gink or Muscelin or similar. When it starts to sink again, later, just re treat it. Works for me.

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    Evan Guest


    I've never had a floating line that didn't eventually start to lose its floating gumption at the tip end.... sometimes straight out of the box and an hour or so's fishing, others after a couple of years of stiff use.

    No rhyme or reason to it.... just a combination of plastic surface eventually breaking up under flexing and casting stresses and letting water in to the structure of the line, especially if the line has a braid core. Plus the thinner tip of the line has less %ge floating material round the core to bouy it up than is the case further back down the line on the thicker bulk stock.

    Using a line floatant or other water repellent will work, some again better than others. Best applied after very very thorough drying out of the line (I tend to string it along my washing line up and down).

    But I have never really ever 'cured' a line this way once it had started the sinking blues.

    My alternative and simpler strategy is (a) relegate it to use it as a sink tip line and (b) buy a new floater - an expense and new toy you can now justify to both yourself and the other 'arf :-)

    Mind you, I haven't ever really had much of a problem with just a wee bit of the line sinking, specially for sub-surface nymphs etc. But if you have three or four feet or more badly affected and dragging it, the leader and your floating fly down under then it is usually time to say goodbye to that line.....

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    There use to be a tin similar to the Muslin, Permasink tins called Plasticicer, This was meant for fixing this problem. I found it was a case of having to keep reapplying and at the end of a long session you would find the tip starting to sink again.

    I am sure if you put a searce in google you will come across it. I know the snobee lines come with a bottle in thats meant to contain the plasticers as well as helping the line shoot.

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    MarkTheSpark Guest


    I think we've all had the problem with the floppy tip....

    I don't think it matters a bit - maybe if you're doing a lot of dry fly fishing, but for nymphing etc why worry?

    I think it's water getting into the core of the line. I suppose you could try drying it really thoroughly in the airing cupboard and then sealing the end, but I'd just put it down to old age and buy a new line.

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    Yer, buy a new line Gary ,probably given it by someone else in the first place.
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    Middle Earth


    Wash the entire line in warm water to remove trapped dirt. Dry the line with a dry soft cloth. Spray the line with Cockpit Shine or Armour Guard the stuff for vinyl car dashboards and interiors. You can buy Matt or gloss finish in AG. Gloss will make your casting slicker Matt will reduce the glare. (you can't have it always).

    Leave to soak in for a few minutes. Using soft dry cloth buff the line for a polished finish. Being silicon based it restores the lines floating qualities without harming the coating and improves the lines travel no end as it glides effortlessly through the rings. Lefty Kray and leading American anglers have used it for years.

    For dry fly fishing if you want the loop to float higher in the water and for most of the day simply rub Vaseline or KY Jelly onto the final two feet. It also comes in handy for grazes and other things as well...ask Ron!
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    ED (The ORIGINAL and REAL one) Guest


    Is it any good for getting stains out of white nightshirts (possibly fig stains)

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