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    Last night i went on a local river near to me, and had an awesome time. I caught 5 brown trout, and the biggest must have been 2lb!!! I never took my camera with me to show you all the fish i caught, but it was fantastic.

    The river was so shallow you could see the trout swimming and rising for flies, i spotted one behind a stone, cast my fly to it, and it took it! It was like watching something you see on TV, watching the trout take my fly.

    I must get myself a fly bag and one of them posh waistcoat things, because i feel i am going to be doing alot of this fly fishing from now on.

    The fly i used, i haven't a clue what it was, it looked like a smaller version of a daddy long leg? I was using a buzzer to begin with and had nothing, as soon as i changed my fly i didn't stop catching.

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    john conway Guest


    Well done Wendy a 2lb plus trout is a good fish for a river, were you fishing a dry fly or wet? The fly wallet is a must the waistcoat can wait.

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    The Monk Guest


    yes it is a lovely way to catch fish Wendy, I used to particularly likefishing or coarse fish, Chub and Dace on the Ribble, a nice light way to fish also inthat you don`t have to lug the bivvy and the house around and you can wander up and down the river looking for rises and fish

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    The Monk Guest


    I would also wear a hat and glasses just in case, flys can sometime go off course when casting

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    Shrek Guest


    Sounds like you were using a hopper Wendy.

    Well done.

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    I was fishing both John, dry on the dropper and wet on the point, i caught on the point with every fly.The 2lb trout was amazing, i had a little audience watching me as well, so i was praying i did it all ok. Some people were gob smacked! They didn't believe there was fish in the little river.

    Monk it was great! I always wear my glasses, i don't have a hat apart from a baseball cap, and somehow it doesn't look right, i'd like a nice fly fishing hat though. Nick i sent you an email of the place i went.

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    I've tried looking for the name of it in my little fly book Adrian, but there are so many that look like it.

    I'm gonna go again tonight i think and take my camera this time!

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    yoggy Guest


    Well done Wendy. I envy you!!!!.I just wish I had more time to pursue my Fly-fishing. Fly-fishing on a river is fantastic.

    Once work has calmed down I`ve promised to do more Fly-fishing...its good for the soul!!!!.

    I`ll try and get up north sometime.

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    Yeah you should do Yog, there is some fantastic little rivers up here!

    I agree fly fishing is good for the soul!

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    Been again tonight on this River, i had a trout that was from my finger tips to my elbow in length. And forgot camera again!!!

    This time i caught it on a dry fly on the point, i think (i'm not sure) it was a mayfly i used this time. This fly fishing just gets better and better.

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