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    Hello all,
    Need some help with a light weight travel spinning rod, mainly for flicking out mepp's for trout on small lake's and rivers. Preferably it'll be rated around the 7-15gm range as i'm covered from then up!
    Looked at everything from 30 ugly stik travel to 120 greys missionary rod (i've got the 30-100gm model which i'm more than happy with).
    The smaller it pack's down the better obviously, any help would be appreciated as there's a lot out there,
    Thanks all

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    Tim - I have been researching the same and have come up with the new Shimano mini telescopic. This may be a little on the heavy side for you by what you have written as it is rated at 1oz top weight.

    I have been looking for a carbon stalking rod about 9ft long. This new Shimano is a full carbon rod in 9 sections. It packs up to 30cm/1 foot in length and has a two piece handle. The write-ups, when you can find them, are excellent. This will be my first ever telescopic rod and it seems as though it will fit the bill perfectly. I have one on order through Lathams Fishing web site. The model number is Shimano Exage TEXAXMTS270M (Mini spinning rod) RRP about 60. You will not find it in the Shimano catalogue yet as it is too new. There are others in the range and I think that some of them are lighter than this. I think also they come in both telescopic and sectional. I will let you know what it's like when I get it next week.

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    I'm sure that a small review once it's been used would be helpfull to all travelling anglers, sounds good, havent used a telescopic rod since i bought a cheap one with my pocket money years ago, needless to say it was utter rubbish!
    Been thinking about pack size aswell today, as long as it fit's within my rucsac it'll be fine i suppose, looking at the grey's G-lite series, 3ft pack size, and will be good for showing a petite girlfriend the ropes (should have seen her with a 16 gauge shot gun clay pigeon shooting, like me weilding a cannon!!) , but then again so would most of the travel rod's, oh decisions.......

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    try fly rod same blanks,son got 19 1/4lb carp on a 9euro telescopic two days ago, or do as i did sawed off 4" of handle from my small baitcasting rod made it fit corner to corner in large suitcase and top section bent to fit,if have any problems with joints use graphite pole joint spray

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    Picked up a Daiwa regal 4pce job for 32 including p'n'p from Lathams, 5-20gm cast weight, 9ft long, when it arrives i'll head to the lake and give it a testing out on the pike and let you know how it goes.
    Thanks all


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