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    Robert Draper Guest


    I would love to give fly-fishing a go on places like Foremark. I have a basic kit and I know roughly how to cast (a lesson and extensive practice on the footy field) but how do you actually use the kit to catch a fish? Is there anywhere I could go for a lesson spent actually fishing as opposed to just casting (preferably midlands to south Yorks)?


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    Ron Clay Guest


    Generally speaking some of the best cast teachers are not very good at basic angling techniques and in terms of still water fly fishing this means how to pull it back.

    I would suggest you get hold of some books.

    1. "My Way with Trout" by Arthur Cove. This is the best book ever written on nymph fishing.

    2. "Dick Walkers Trout Fishing" - 1 and 2
    The advice in these books is definitive

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    Terry Mann Guest


    I would add one book to that," The pursuit of Stillwater trout" by Brian Clarke a brilliant book that made everything become clear to me and stopped me from the chuck it out and pull it back syndrome.
    Robert I am sure that if you go to Foremark and talk to the staff there they will put you on the right track to someone to help you. I only the get up there a couple of times a year but I find it one of the most
    friendly fisheries out,and they do brilliant
    bacon rolls !

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    Ian Whittaker Guest


    Get the gear together and head off for the day to a well stocked fishery.Give yourself plenty of time to "play"and spend some time in the company of like minded people many who will delight in giving info.
    Have fun!

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    Robert Draper Guest


    Looks like I'll be reading until Foremark opens then :-). I wish the bigger day ticket places did lessons, it would give me a bit more confidence. When I took up Golf I trotted down to my local course and enrolled on a course of six lessons for about a fiver each, basic equipment was provided and there were about a dozen of us learning together, everything from the swing to etiquette. The tutors explanation was that by giving lessons the new players emerge onto the course with a basic clue and tend not to get embarassed by their lack of skill or annoy experienced players.

    Angling in general could do with a scheme like that.

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    Ron Clay Guest


    Actually Terry I was trying to think of the name of Brian Clarke's book. It's definitly a classic and well worth reading.

    Further advice is to learn to tie your own flies. Self tied flies are far superior to the overdressed rubbish that is on sale in most shops.

    You don't need to learn to tie complicated patterns.

    1: Midge pupae and a few emergers.
    2: Damsel Nymph
    3: GRHE nymph.
    4: Montana.
    5: Black & Peacock Spider

    These 5 patterns will catch you an awful lot of fish

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    Ian Whittaker Guest


    I think Rob Horsfall does that type of thing: Casting lessons & fishing lessons, and courses also at Myerscough Agricultural College, near Garstang.I think he advertises in Trout & Salmon magazine.

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    Get yourself up to Ravensthorpe when it opens [01/03/02], great little fishery with a high rod average. 01604 781350

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    Robert Draper Guest


    Just one more question (for now...) will I need a pair of waders for bank fishing at Foremark or are the fish reachable from dry land?

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    Terry Mann Guest


    I would,nt advise waders for Foremark. The depth drops off very quickly close to the banks which are quite steep in places.I,m not sure if waders are in fact banned there because of that.
    You will find that fish will come in fairly close and remember that correct presentation is more important than distance.
    Best of luck Terry

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