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    I don't believe this fine and costs £350 each is sufficient as a deterent to prospective poachers.

    Sounds like the bailiffs got an eyefull though!!

    Click here for report

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    Evidence recovered at the scene included a rucksack containing one salmon, a small sack, a pair of shorts, a pair of ladies briefs, a net weights, hook and line.

    Priceless! Must have been quite an eyeful, but a woefully inadequate fine.

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    Evan NotMightyAtAll Guest


    Mr and Mrs Birchall were also ordered to forfeit equipment used in the incident.

    Does this include the ladies briefs ?

    And if so what happened to them once forfeited ??? The Mind is boggling....

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    If the bailiffs recovered a pair of shorts and a pair of ladies briefs.

    Which of course they had to keep for evidential purposes.

    What did she wear to the police station?

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    Wolfman Woody Guest


    Handcuffs as well!

    Ooooohh how I love bondage films.

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    I hate to say so but here we go again.......salmon poachers get done straight away (and I'm glad they did) but what about all the other poachers who kill hundreds of fish from our rivers.

    I realize this was an extreme case, netting , but the principle is the same poaching is poaching, no matter in what kind of way.

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    Evan NotMightyAtAll Guest


    If she'd been wearing fish-net stockings as she swam the river that would have been another charge in addition too !

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    The EA acted very quickly to the removal of game fish. I just wonder if they would have been so "on the ball" if it was coarse fish that were being taken.

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