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    Hi all and happy new year

    Just got back into my fishing after years off due to my golfing commitments, and recently started tying my ownpatterns again.

    But as all things really things have moved on in the case of new materials styles etc.

    I allways used multi strand thread but notice from magazines etc, the current trend seems to be uni thread. Can anyone tell me the difference/merits etc and is it worth e moving to this material.

    thanks in advance

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    Haven't tied flies for ages, so I may be completely out of date, but one feature of two- or three-ply thread wich is useful is the way it can be unlaid by spinning the bobbin, so that the strands lie parallel, rather than twisted together. This enables you to tie tapered bodies , starting with the thread "as it comes", then progressively flattening it as you work towards the tail, then reversing the spin on the bobbin holder to re-twist the strands as you work back towards the head.

    Not sure if this can be done so well/at all with uni-thread.

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    I havnt tied flies in a while either, and Im starting to miss it. Especially since my Tommies Buzzers, and one of my Mickey Finnes are falling apart!

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