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    Jon Mathias Guest


    Dear All

    I am planning to rent a cottage for a couple of weeks in Normandy this June and am hoping to do some dry-fly river fishing for trout.

    I have only been fishing for a season and that on stillwaters only so I'm hoping to avoid heavily overgrown riverbanks.

    Can anyone suggest suitable tackle, locations, links to French websites etc?

    Thanks for your help

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    Jon Mathias Guest


    Having been overwhelmed by the volume of replies to my query, can anyone suggest a fly fishing website with a more active membership?

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    Gerry Castles Guest


    Normandy is not top of everyone's list as far as venues go, so instead of berating everyone for not having the answers to a fairly obscure question, why don't you do a little work for yourself. I went to and typed in 'flyfishing France', it gave me a whole load of leads and useful sites. Why didn't you do the same?

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    Terry Mann Guest


    Have a look at the Fish and Fly website,Jon BEER contributes to the site and has done a number of articles in Trout ande Salmon about fishing in France.He is contactable through the site and you could also post your request on the forum.
    I have met Jon and he is a nice bloke with a wealth of knowledge ,I'm sure he will help.

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