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Thread: Thames Trout

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    AL. Guest


    I have heard reports of sea trout being caught at the weir at the mouth of the kennet into the Thames In Reading. I can't personally confirm them as i've never been an eye witness. I am amazed that no one has explored this loophole of fishing the rivers in the close season with the fly!! Sorry Kev i assume you are fishing the fly. I have thought many times about fishing the thames, kennet et al with the fly but i've always been reluctant. I don't know why really , maybe its the being different/ embarassment factor who knows. Well for what it's worth i would be willing to look a fool and join with others to try this. Good luck Kev.
    cheers AL.

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    Good luck Fishface when you give Marlow weir a bash this summer. Look towards the hotel and if you see 2 chaps and a big bear like dog give us a wave.
    Not seen a trout from the Thames for many years. My last one came from Goring Weir 20 years back and my father had one from Marlow back in the 50's. I think they are pretty rare but there is always the odd one to be found, you just have to be in the right place at the right time. Blast I'm always in the wrong place at the wrong time

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    jason fisher Guest


    kevin i know for sure that they exist i've had 3 or 4 the biggest being a 5 lber all of them accidental captures while after coarse fish. there is even a picture of one in one of my articles which andy nellist caught.

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    jason fisher Guest


    i havent heard of a big one coming from the river since about the 1920's but there was a certain reverend (can't remember his name) who used to specialise in big thames trout over 10lb.

    my eldest step daughter had a 3 from the windrush at newbridge as well.

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    I read an article on the net (from the Daily Telegraph) which noted a legal loophole permitting anglers to spin, livebait or flyfishfor Trout on the Thames after April 1.

    We must have been pretty cluey as kids because I remember me and a mate spinning in Caversham wier around 1972, during the coarse close-season. Didn't see a fish, but did raise the curiosity of the 'locky' or lock-keeper.

    Around 1977 another friend actually caught 2 trout in one session inthe same wier while live-baiting Bleak for Pike. They were around 2lb each.He was sitting on one of the piers, fishing the fast water (which was always guaranteed a visit from the locky.)I was there and saw it. Unfortunately due to the novelty factor, he kept them and ate them. I have no info on the quality of the flesh!

    I note that elsewhere in this forum there is talk of Sea-Trout being caught at the mouth of the Kennett (where it flows into the Thames). Surely this is a mistake and based on the silvery colour of the fish. I remember the 2 I saw being assumed to be Rainbows, again the colour.

    Myself, during theearly 90'sI was a keen spin fisherman on the Kennett where it flows thru Reading. I caught one Trout of one and a half pounds close to the mouth of the Thames, so it seems reasonable to assume that they are still there.

    Keep the reports coming!

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    A few sea trout definately do run up the Thames and into the Kennet...not many but I've seen one on the bank and know a few people who have had them.Not wishing to sound pompous but I can tell the difference between a silver brownie and a sea trout.The fish I saw was a sea question.

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    Its a bad day when you don't learn something. Who'd have ever thunk it - Trout running that far and to swim past the Reading Gas works! It (was at least) right where the Thames and Kennet meet.

    Meant to say in my earlier post - I did a lot of lure fishing for Pike in Caversham wier and the numero uno was a soft plastic in Trout pattern.

    If the Pike love'em it could explain their lack in number!

    I live in Australia now but intend to keep tabs on this. You can take the Pom out of England ..........

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    Wolfman Woody Guest


    <blockquote class=quoteheader>Kevin Perkins wrote (see)</blockquote><blockquote class=quote>I&rsquo;ve had the occasional bash, but this year I will get my &lsquo;Lock &amp; Weir Permit&rsquo; and buckle down to the challenge of catching a Thames Trout. ....... Does anyone know for sure that these creatures exist? Any advice would be more than welcome. </blockquote>

    And I'll wager you still haven't caught a Thames Trout, Kevin.

    I've tried and tried on flies and on spinners in Marlow Weir and zilch! More chance of catching a barbel and you know now that they DO exist!


    I asked the EA if they'd consider putting in a bubbler, a box with trout eggs and pebbles. Water goes in at the bottom and out through pipes at the top carrying hatching fry with it. The fry seem to do better when introduced this way.

    At the time, the EA said it wasn't worth it. I have a meeting with them soon so I'll raise the matter again! And again. And again.

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    Folks, see this...

    From small acorns and all that....

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    Does anyone know of any trout in the sandford area?

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