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    Default Clearly not been getting out enough

    - the maker of this little video homage to a Hardy Perfect fly reel - [ame=]Model Perfect on Vimeo[/ame]

    "Cor, look at the ball bearings on that..."

    Might just be missing the point or lost the plot, I reckon...

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    Default Re: Clearly not been getting out enough

    This one - And the Ugliest Fly Rod is… | - clearly hasn't either, and probably has a "den" full of top-brand fly rods, numbered, labelled, polished, dusted and much-ogled but never used, to prove it. Like a guy I used to occasionally play Squash against from the late 1970s to mid 1980s, who, like some top pro at Wimbledon, would arrive in the changing room with a bag holding never less than six of the Best Racquets Known To Squash but who on-court could barely hit a ball.

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    Default Re: Clearly not been getting out enough

    It's spread from the car world I reckon.

    [ame=""]Man Caught Having SEX with his Car - YouTube[/ame]

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