In addition to catching 4 belting fish on Thrybergh this morning, I spent some time with the stockinglorry.

They put in 660 gorgeous looking rainbow trout from 1lb up to 4 lbs. This is in addition to300 rainbows and 350 brownies put in 4 weeks ago. A lot of the rainbows are in fact blues. The farm manager who came down from Pickering recommended that the blues should not be caught and released as they tend to fight themselves to death. They do eat very well too as I can vouch.

The brownies are just starting to show.We are releasing all browns at the moment.

We are certainly scheduled for a bumper November, the time when the big previously overwintered biggies will come out. The insect life in the reservoir this year has been exceptional with an abundance of chronomids, sedges, hawthorn and damsel. There are also vast blooms of daphnia and schools of fry which look like perch.

The reservoir has some enormous perch in it as well as some really big pike.

All this for just £126 for 30 visits, it's the cheapest high quality still water trout fishing in the whole of England.