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    Default But do they "do" barbel?

    Trout, we already know (big-time predators - I once had a small-stream Chilean brown of 16 to 18 pounds on a dry deerhair mouse and a wild Kennet brown of 8 pounds on a sprat put out for pike), but grayling?? (yes, my first really big grayling, a fish of 1.75 pounds taken when I was 13 from the Wiltshire Ebble, took a size 00 Mepps-type spinner).

    Dangerous predators, clearly. Something should be done.

    Big Gulp: How Often Do Trout and Grayling Eat Mammals? | Cool Green Science

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    Default Re: But do they "do" barbel?

    Thanks Paul,
    Good article - it'll make me look a bit more closely at stomach contents of Grayling over 12" if I ever get one that size again in the Upper Dee - canoists permitting that is!
    Tight Lines!

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    Default Re: But do they "do" barbel?

    These - BBC News - Spinosaurus fossil: 'Giant swimming dinosaur' unearthed - would "do" absolutely anything swimming. Sharks, coelacanths and lungfish back then; heaven knows what if they were still around today. A Spinosaurus Action Group (S.A.G.) would be vital, in my opinion.

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    Default Re: But do they "do" barbel?

    Always thought grayling had a bit of the beast about them. Yes they are beautiful ladies of the stream but they are stronger than dace and roach pound for pound, love faster water than barbel do, theyre not put off by cold weather and like most ladies I know don't like being held

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