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Thread: Which waders

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    I'm looking to purchase some waders for my up and coming river fishing. I've looked at the different ones and I don't want to buy some and be disappointed. What is the advantage of neoprene, and would I need the studsand boots?

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    Shrek Guest



    I would answer that it all depends on a) how much you're going to use them and b) how much you want to pay for them.

    Personally I wouldn't go for neoprene waders unless you are going to either fish in the sea or in VERY cold water. They don't breath, are quite restrictive and if it does get slightly warm you sweat like a sweaty thing!!!!!

    There are currently some excellent deals to be had on breathable waders where you get the waders and the wading boots for somewhere between 100 and 150. If you're only going to be a casual wader, then this would be an ideal starting place. Avoid Airflo as they will leak almost instantly, I'd go with either Vision or Greys. Get wading boots a size bigger than you take so you can wear a thick sock to add comfort and DEFINITELY make sure they are studded, preferably with a felt sole. This makes a colossal difference if you're wading across wet, slippy rocks.

    If you shop around, there are some excellent deals too.

    Hope this helps,


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    Thanks Adrian, only looking for some cheap ones. I've been on the river before and i'll only need them to access different swims to spin from. The river doesn't run that deep in most places, so will thigh waders be o.k? Except from wading deeper what is the advantages of chest waders?

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    Shrek Guest


    Thigh waders would be fine as long as you're not going in above the knee.

    Chest waders keep you warmer and allow you to move around in the water more freely without having to be concerned about how far up your leg the water is.

    I have thigh waders, waist waders (which now leak!!!) and chest waders and they all get used in different situations, however the chest waders are my preference.

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    i bought a pair of neoprene chest waders 5mm from nwac(wigan) for 39.99,i have used them 3-4 times aweek and they are brilliant value for money
    they have built in welly with felt sole and i have never felt that i have needed studs,and i have fished on slimey rocks silt bottmoms,etc,and if they only last this winter i will have had my moneys worth(i feel i have now)although i can see them lasting a couple of seasons,
    personally i wouldnt go for thigh waders,you always get tempted to go that little bit further,and some of the smallest rivers have deep holes in them as i found out recently while trying to get a chub from round a bend 1 step to the right where i hadnt prodded with the wading stick and the water was over ,
    the top of my waders
    but being neoprene i didnt get out and dry of,the water inside warmed up like a wet suit

    good luck with your choice


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    Colin North, the one and only Guest


    Neoprene chesties are fine if you don't have a beer belly, or if you are prepared to get down to silk long johns. If you have a big stomach, they can sometimes prove difficult to pull up.

    I bought some Simms waders in Ireland a couple of years ago. They were much cheaper there than in this Country. They have a guaranteed waterproof zip up the front, so they are much earier to get in to.

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    Luke Allsop Guest


    I've always preffered breathables to neoprene waders, partly because I end up sweating after a couple of hours and also because I think they last longer, also breathables are great for river wading in the middle of summer. I've tried the Simms waders but they were a bit baggy so I purchaseda pair of the Hardy EWS waders earlier this year and they are brilliant!

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    ED (The ORIGINAL and REAL one) Guest


    Have a look HERE

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