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    Default CARBOTEC fly fishing rods

    I wonder if anyone could give me a rough price pls
    I'm looking to sell 2 CARBOTEC FLY RODS
    1 is 3 section and 10' #6
    1 is 2 section and 8'
    These were my dads and have hardly been used
    Both in Carbotec cloth case and Carbotec tubes

    Many thanks

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    Default Re: CARBOTEC fly fishing rods

    Have you tried eBay? Look at the prices of for sale or recently sold carbotec rods.
    Don't know about their fly rods but their coarse rods are worth a few quids...

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    Default Re: CARBOTEC fly fishing rods

    I dare say that you are going to find out in just over six days.

    However, the Carbotec fly/game rods don't seem to have the same reputation, or value, amongst fluff flingers as the match/feeder rods have amongst coarse anglers. I don't recall seeing a Carbotec coarse rod go for less than £300 in years. It's not quite the same for the game rods.

    carbotec fly | eBay

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    Default Re: CARBOTEC fly fishing rods

    The 8' trout rod has now gone to Manchester
    Someone must be able to put the other one to good use
    I will never use it and it seems a shame to be just sitting there
    Cheers for all the help so far

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    yes i also want to catch this fish.
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