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    I did a piece on my blog Small stream brown trout. if you fancy a search?

    But buy a 7'1/2' standard leader to 4lb tippet.. Cut a foot off the end and tie a perfection loop. To that add your tippet in two sizes. The first piece 6'' of 4lb is a simple wear section, then 24'' of fine tippet say 3lb. Once the 4lb piece is worn down add another. The leader should last a season.

    Hope it helps. On good days without too much wind, I use a 12' leader on my Orris Superfine 7 1/2 4 weight. So I start with a 9' leader.

    I've tied my own for years but if your water is weedy in summer knots are a nightmare!! Many of the leaders you see are designed for freestone rivers.

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    Default Re: Leader advise for a #4 for trout

    better to keep it simple, for starters a leader of seven to eight feet in total is fine.
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